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Hear what franchisees Larry Kholer and Stephen Yeung have to say


Exciting things are happening at BURGER KING®. But don't just take our word for it. Read what our franchisees have to say about the strength of our brand. We encourage you to reach out to them to learn more about their experiences. BURGER KING® is and will always be the HOME OF THE WHOPPER®!

"Whether we’re building buildings, or we’re building sandwiches, or we’re taking care of guests in the front counter, if quality is our byline I don’t think you can go wrong." - Larry Kholer

"We felt that we needed a strong national player with very good marketing and a strong product mix. Burger King’s strength as a brand is very important to us, and that is why we decided to choose BK® as the brand to grow with." - Stephen Yeung

"When the time came to decide which brand to invest in, BURGER KING® was attractive to me because it’s in “a league of its own”. BK® offers diversity and allows entrepreneurs like myself an opportunity to buy existing restaurants. I wanted to associate myself with BK® due to its strong history, uniqueness and brand recognition. The experience thus far has been very positive."   - Patrick Sidhu

"Great success is dependent upon happy employees, satisfied customers, and dedication to community involvement. You have to be with a Franchisor that has a good name; that financially makes good sense to be partners with. Burger King is exactly that." - Guillermo Perales

"We became BURGER KING®! franchisees in 2005 when we acquired one restaurant in Oklahoma city. We believe Burger King is a great brand...seven years later we own 20 restaurants with several under development and are going strong. I can't say enough good things about the product and the people. When I look at all I've been able to accomplish as a BK® Franchisee, I only wish I'd started with such a strong brand 10 years earlier." - David Ostrowe

"What a great franchise. Great opportunities, great people to work with, and great products. What more can you ask for." - Shoukat Dhanani

"I remodeled my first restaurant to the new 20/20 image in 2011. We were a test restaurant for the 20/20 light image and the results of the 20/20 light have been phenomenal. The restaurant has a warm and welcoming feel and customers have commented on the comfortable seating and décor. The restaurant opened above our expectations and continues to outperform projections six months later. I would recommend the 20/20 light image as I believe that it presented a warm invitation to our expanded audience of parties with kids and female customers." - Jill Lillaney

"I was five years old when I had my first WHOPPER® sandwich, and I loved it! When I graduated from college, Burger King Corporation was hiring. I was excited and worked for BK® Corporate for 17 years. However, I always dreamed of becoming a BK® franchisee. The ability to have the freedom to make my own business decisions and be affiliated with a strong brand like Burger King seemed like a great opportunity. Fourteen years ago I achieved that dream! And, we are still growing…last December we opened a new restaurant with the 20/20 Image. Customers love this new image and our sales have been very strong. We are also looking forward to our next remodel. We strongly believe that this “cool” look, together with our delicious new menu items and great customer service will make our customers want to come back more often." - Marianela Aran

"After 25 years of building & remodeling BURGER KING® Restaurants, we are excited with the arrival of the 20/20 image. I am especially pleased with the curb appeal of this new concept and it's ability to attract customers to our restaurants. Since completing two remodels last year in Jackson Tennessee we are seeing double digit positive sales, despite fierce competition from other fast food restaurants. This has encouraged us to sign up for more remodels!" - Eugene Brooks

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